1. IrishBrit's Avatar
    Wondering if anyone else might be having this problem. I use my calendar quite a bit, as i'm sure is usual with BB users, and so i installed Google sync so that others could keep up to date with my schedule on Google Cal. the problem that has arisen is that it seems that I can no longer delete calendar entries, that is if I do delete them on my handheld, google sync just replaces it again once it syncs with the calendar. And to make things more annoying, if the entry was originally created as a recurring entry, when it is "re-created" by google sync, they are all individual entries (ie. I can't delete them in one move, instead have to scroll through the year and delete each individual entry.) Also, some of my entries are being creating multiple times at once. One instance I had deleted ended up being re-created 4 times!!!! as in, on that date I had 4 entries of the same thing listed for the same time!!

    I would really like to continue using Google Sync to keep a public record of my schedule for people to view and for my own reference when not around my BB (a very rare occurence indeed but it does happen), but can do without the constant recreation and duplication of deleted items.

    Does anyone know of a better way to post my calendar entries to a web based tool that can be accessed by others, or if I have something wrong with my settings for google sync (tried searching the settings but they are pretty limited and saw nothing related to this issue).

    thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
    09-08-08 05:35 AM
  2. mew1033's Avatar
    Same problem here. When i make a recurring event in either calendar, it ends up being set as a bunch of individual events. I've just gotten into the habit of if I ever need to edit a recurring event, I do it from my computer.
    01-19-09 01:19 AM