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    Like many of you, I've been having issues with GoogleSync and I think that I'm done with it - but how do I fix it to go back to "normal."

    I have an Address Book and calendar on my office machine - wireless sync to my office 9630(VZW). The IT office has stuff pretty well locked down. One email account.

    I have an address book and calendar on my home machine (Outlook 2007). I have 3 hotmail accounts and one gmail account and a personal 9630(Sprint) synced via DM.

    What I wanted (and still want) to do is to syncronize the two addressbooks and calendars between the two computers and the two 9630's.

    GoogleSync did more or less OK with the calendars (synced some but not other appts) but royally screwed up the contacts, duplicating contacts on each of the BBs and screwing up addresses (adding addresses from one contact to another).

    Reading the various threads makes it clear that GS isn't the program to use but how do I fix it? How do I know which service books to delete? How do I make sure they don't reappear?

    Finally - is there some program out there that'll let me sync calendars (more important than contacts since my contacts don't change that often.)
    04-06-10 02:23 PM
  2. ZedRight's Avatar
    The way I fixed a similar problem:
    1. Deleted Google Sync.
    2. Options>Advanced Options>ServiceBook>Scroll down to all the email addresses and delete all the [CICAL] entries.
    3. Go online to my blackberry account with the phone company and delete all the above email addresses. Then add those email accounts again on the website.
    4. Go to Options>Advanced Options>Default Services and make sure for Calendar and Messaging, the email account that you associate with your Address Book is the default.

    For sync, try this program out. It will sync your contacts in the outlook folder with your outlook and your contacts in your blackberry folder with your blackberry.
    It will also sync your appointments and log in your incoming and outgoing calls on the calendar both on the computer and BB

    Try this free trial: Wireless BlackBerry Sync

    Been using it for years.
    04-06-10 03:02 PM
  3. ceb's Avatar
    Thanks! I guess I'll have to do it the hard way and export/import .pst files on my Outlook contacts to get them sync'ed.
    04-06-10 08:19 PM
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    Yikes - the wireless sync is $300 a year ($150 for the first year) - a bit rich for a private consumer.

    Any other ideas?
    04-07-10 07:33 AM