1. neil74's Avatar
    Is anybody else having problems with google sync?

    I recently installed it and sometimes it syncs and mostly it does not, it is really hit and miss.

    Just wondering if there are any workarounds?
    10-26-09 04:59 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    No issues with me... I've been using it for some time with absolutely no issues... you might want to delete it and reinstall it again... then do a Battery Pull: leave your device on, pull the battery for 20 seconds, then put your battery back in and wait for it to boot up.
    10-26-09 05:25 PM
  3. benjohnson20's Avatar
    Hi - just wondered whether you've found a solution to the problem?

    I have a similar issues - have blackberry sync'ed with one google calendar, and my wife has an iPhone sync'ed with her google account - we make them both visible via the google calendar options, so we both see what each other have in our diaries and add/edit each others when necessary.

    At the moment, the google calendars online and the iPhone work perfectly i.e. if you make any changes on the online calendars or my wifes iPhone - all three update each other... However, very few of these changes actually appear on the blackberry (even after manually syncing it) and anything added onto the blackberry device calendar very rarely appears on my online account - and therefore neither her account or iPhone... often the items added onto the blackberry that do sync online with then just delete themselves off the device, but remain online in my google calendar (and therefore on my wife's iPhone).

    On the verge of ditching the blackberry for an iPhone, as this feature is very useful in busy schedules!

    Any other ideas?
    01-06-10 08:12 AM