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    I am running 545 on my 9700. I've updated my google sync and now I find that when I try to sync my calendar it wants to upload all my appointments to my BMM Groups calendar. I wondered if there was a solution to this as I don't want my BBM groups friends to read my calender.

    Cheers Nickie

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    03-28-10 05:11 AM
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    yes there "may" be a solution tho it will likely be a long process that will likely frustrate you. heres a link that may help you out.

    Upgraded BB Tour to OS 5.0.0, Google Sync now puts events on my Groups calendar instead of my calendar. - Google Mobile Help

    i personally have not reloaded my bbm group just because i dont want this to happen to me again, but if the second to last poster is correct (and i do not know for sure he is) then a wipe of the phone, clean install without bbm, re-integrate gmail, resync with google sync, and ONLY then redownload bbm and it may work. i only say may because no one has verified this to be the case for sure.

    That poster thinks that google sync somehow recognizes the first program utilizing the calendar on the phone. so if bbm is installed during OS installation, it will use that no matter what even if you set gmail as default in options>advanced settings>default services>calendar since this will integrate into the calendar before service books are sent and ur gmail is.

    all i can say is this sounds like it makes sense to me as i only recently started to upload my OS with BBM included and this just recently started to happen to me and that is the only change.

    Hope that sorta helps.
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