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    Ok so I posted yesterday about how I used google sync to sync my BB contacts with my gmail account....Well it deleted EVERY contact from my phone. I got home yesterday and had a backup that was only a few weeks old so I only lost a couple of numbers so no big deal. Well I ran it again today and everything went smooth my gmail and BB accounts are now cleaned up....but I checked the status of the Sync: 4 deleted contacts. I thought they may have been duped contacts or something but they werent...at all. Now I cleaned up my entire phone book and have to restore my phone...again and do it all over.

    Couple questions tho...
    1. Is there any way to make it so google sync doesnt delete.....ANYTHING??!
    2. Is there a way to only restore those 4 missing contacts over DM or do I have to restore my entire phone again?
    08-13-09 11:16 AM