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    My Google sync (I sync from Outlook work calendar to google calendar and then to Pearl 8130, and all back and forth) is deleting past calendar entries. I cut the sync off from my work computer over the weekend, and the deletions occurred between google calendar and my blackberry, so I know it is at least restricted to a google or blackberry problem. I do not want these past items deleted; when I go to google sync options on my Pearl, it gives me an option to only keep event for previous 4 weeks. I still have the problem that it deletes those 2 weeks old, but I guess my question would be is there way to turn this to keep all events? It's pretty frustrating... right now I'm letting it delete in Outlook, then going back and re-adding those events in Outlook after they are deleted. It then re-syncs and everything's ok for awhile.

    Any help is appreciated.
    01-20-09 08:35 AM