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    Okay, I'll explain, so hang on:

    Adding 2 events to BB calendar, then running Google Sync to update calendar (this is when I log into Gmail, then click Calendar in the upper left corner).

    Both events for separate days do show up, both on my Today screen under Calendar, and in the Google calendar like it should. Let's say I need to remove one of those appointments. I open the calendar on my BB, and remove the one event I don't need. When I re-sync, both events disappear on my BB calendar, but the one event that I didn't delete is still there on Google calendar.

    Now, if there is one event sitting on my BB calendar, and I add another event using my BB to add it, it adds it correctly, but instead of listing 2 events under my BB calendar, it only displays the newest event I just added. Google has both events, however it now adds a duplicate of the "older" event.

    I am confused here? ATT OS I did notice this did start occuring with this OS update about 1.5 weeks ago. Previous OS version .176, didn't notice this at all. Any suggestions? I am playing with it right now, and will post if I find anything worth noting.
    12-08-09 05:14 PM
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    FIXED!! I feel stupid for this, it was so damn simple! Under Options in Google Sync, I only had it set to sync for the next 4 weeks, so anything outside of that it would erase. Set it to 24 weeks, everything works like it should, no missing dates!

    Let the laughing out of these forums begin for me, geez...

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    12-08-09 09:53 PM