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    Well, I finally got Google Music working in Canada, and so far I love it on my PC and tablet, but is unusable as far as I am concerned on my phone.
    When streaming on my phone, it works just fine with the phone locked and the browser in the background, but even if I am in a playlist, i still have to open up the browser so it loads the next song.
    What I am wondering, has anybody made an app for this on BB, or is it even possible, has google made the API public?

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    06-16-12 03:33 PM
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    Nobody knows?
    06-21-12 03:08 PM
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    Unfortunately Google has never made the API available, likely as a concession to the Music Industry. Even on Android we're forced to use the official App or the webstream version.

    I guess you're streaming the mobile version of the google.music.com site? I use it on my Playbook and it handles the playlists fine so it's likely a deficiency with the BBOS web browser handling of the site.

    Maybe you could try streaming using an alternate web browser? I don't have a BB phone. so I'm not too sure if this is possible. Is the Opera web browser available for your phone?

    I'd hoped that Google was going to announce today that Play Music Store was coming to Canada. Come on Google get off your butts, I need to cut apple out of my life.
    06-27-12 05:25 PM