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  1. powderbanks's Avatar
    so i've noticed this happen on several different builds of os6 (and even updates of the google mobile app) for my bold, but if i do a google search in the google mobile app, when scrolling through the results, if i hit 't' to go back to the top, it will lock up. sometimes it will come back and be okay, but most of the time i just do a battery pull as soon as hit the 't' button out of habit..if i remember correctly, it's only with os6, but i feel like it may have even happened when it came with the stock os5 build. anyone know what might cause it?

    oh yeah, it's a 9659 bold on verizon. os
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    12-16-10 08:36 PM
  2. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    I have had a problem within the Google Mobile App I do not use Gmail app,news or reader app and would like to reorder the icons. Next to the icons their is a more button clicking that brings up the list of all google apps or icons. I used to be able to move the Icons in any order on this screen, now I can not. I highlight the Sync icon click menu button go to move Sync and then move cusor up the sync icon does not follow. It used to work just fine.

    I 1st noticed this bug after I installed OS6 on my 9700, not sure if it was a problem before upgrading. I am using version 3.8.22 of Google app. Has anybody else come across this and if so have they been able to fix or have a workaround.
    12-21-10 07:11 PM