1. ZeefBerry's Avatar
    I used to have a BIS, but switched to another provider because it was 75% cheaper

    Anyone on this new provider (Mobile Vikings, FYI), can connect directly to Google Maps, no BIS involved, but since my Google Maps was initialized while i still had a BIS it won't connect directly It just says data connection lost...

    My APN is set correctly, and i can access the internet just fine over EDGE or GPS through multiple browsers, IM+, whatever...

    I've tried reinstalling Google Maps but no joy, anyone who has an idea ?
    05-21-10 09:19 AM
  2. ZeefBerry's Avatar
    Never mind, just solved it myself

    For some reason a "GoogleMapsxx.cod" is left behind on my phone when i uninstall Google Maps. If I manually remove it and then reinstall Google Maps i get the setup wizard and Google Maps is able to find a direct connection :-)

    Everything is working perfect now !
    05-21-10 10:35 AM