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    Hey guys, I checked out the similar threads before posting but didnt want to bump threads from 07/08

    (For reference:
    Sorry links not allowed until I have 10 posts)

    Anyway, I just purchased a 8520 Curve. I only purchased a "social networking" (msn/bbm/facebook/etc..etc) plan, so NO data plan.

    But, I do have Wi Fi! So I configured it with my network, and it works without a problem. I downloaded the Google Maps Mobile from the site, without issue.

    My problem comes when I open the application it loads about 1/4 of the progress bar, then it says..

    Google Error Message
    Network Unavailible. This application requires a data connection, and some BlackBerry devices require reconfiguration to work properly. access [link] for more ino.
    Now, i'm trying to determine if I actually need to configure something differently for it to work, or if it will not work without a data plan, even though i'm connected via WiFi.

    Thanks guys, it's a nice forum you have here.

    06-30-10 08:46 PM
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    There is a thread on what works and does not work on WiFi. For what it's worth, the maps in Microsoft Bing do work on WiFi.
    06-30-10 09:08 PM