05-04-14 12:48 PM
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  1. Misterb's Avatar
    Any news on this? It's still not working for me either...
    05-20-08 12:48 AM
  2. treoneo's Avatar
    No news. I don't see Google doing anything about it any time soon. lame. I used to love this app on my Pearl!
    05-20-08 05:18 AM
  3. kellybrf's Avatar
    maybe im doing something wrong, but google maps doesnt seem to have an internal gps option. my location "works" (its within 1700m and still off by a bit) but the only gps option i have is bluetooth gps. bb maps and live search works just fine with the internal gps, as does sprint nav, but for some reason i cant figure out how to configure google maps to use it. any suggestions, or is it just not there?
    05-21-08 06:53 PM
  4. treoneo's Avatar
    Well you should read the whole thread for your answer. But I will tell you. This is a known issue. It doesn't work. That is the problem. We will have to wait for Google to fix it.
    05-21-08 06:54 PM
  5. kellybrf's Avatar
    thanks for the reply. i did read the thread, but most people were talking about my location, which is different from gps. on my touch there is actually a 'use gps' option that is not showing up on my curve, which is why i was wondering if i was doing something wrong. its been awhile since i had the pearl, but i thought i remembered gps working quite well with google maps
    05-21-08 06:57 PM
  6. tomvb2000's Avatar
    I believe googlemaps works well with the internal gps on other BB devices, but it appears they need to make a software update to be able to access the internal gps on the Sprint Curve. Not really sure why it's any different from other BBs, but apparently it is.
    05-21-08 07:04 PM
  7. treoneo's Avatar
    Actually my location works only with GPS. In any case we are awaiting Google for a fix
    05-21-08 07:33 PM
  8. SmoothG's Avatar
    I am also having trouble with my GPS working correctly. It does not find my exact location in either google maps nor sprint navigation. GPS worked fine on my 8130 and 8830. Now my GPS is almost useless. When i cut google maps on it constantly moves the blue dot around and cannot find my connection. I am not sure what the fix for this is but hope its found soon. Under sprint navigation it begins by saying that my GPS and location is set to deny when the GPS is not set to deny.

    Is there a setting under location besides cutting the GPS on under options that will fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

    05-22-08 11:40 PM
  9. Q-fugee#CB's Avatar
    The GPS hardware in the CMDA units isn't the same as the GPS hardware in the GSM units. The Qualcomm chipset uses a different API. BB Maps & Telenav appear to have been updated for the 8330's release.

    That said, I don't know why google maps & windows live work on the 8830 and not the 8330. The APIs must not be the same.

    I've also seen nothing in Google's forum indicating that they're working on it but there is a thread with a complaint. WLS doesn't even have a place for users to report trouble. Typical Microsoft.

    05-29-08 03:56 PM
  10. HoldThePickles's Avatar
    I d/l google maps last night (free is always the best price right?) and hate the huge circle that 'estimates' my location. Yes u have the option to pinpoint but what if u dont know where u are?? Defeats the purpose of GPS o_0

    05-29-08 04:25 PM
  11. sniffs's Avatar
    That circle is not GPS.. that circle is cell tower triangulation.. if you are getting that circle, that means Google maps cant access your GPS.
    05-29-08 06:18 PM
  12. asdf002's Avatar
    any1 want to take a poll on how long it will take google/sprint to fix the 8330 internal gps.
    06-03-08 12:58 PM
  13. Q-fugee#CB's Avatar
    If the forum moderators would please delete the posts from 88xx, 81xx, and 8310 owners telling us how much the apps work on their phones, it'd help clear out a lot of the noise in this thread.

    Also, the posts claiming that it works when in fact it's just using cell tower location add heat but no light.

    The 8330 has a different chipset. It uses Qualcomm's "gpsOne" APIs, so the generic Google Maps and Windows Live sources need an update. That said, I can't figure out why these apps work on the CDMA Pearl and CDMA 8830 but not on the CDMA Curve.

    There's a thread in google's discussion group on the problem, with no indication that anyone from google's even read it. Microsoft has no place to report problems, and Qualcomm has nothing in their knowledge bases or the gpsOne white papers that describe any difference in the 8330's APIs.

    I can't get any carriers to tell me if they've neutered the APIs, which I wouldn't put past Verizon at least. The spec allows carrier control over whether or not the API responds via cell tower assisted GPS (not the same thing as triangulation), internal GPS, or none at all.

    It's either set by the carrier to "none at all" or it works in some undocumented way that's different on the 8330 which only Blackberry Maps and TeleNav seem to use. This is forcing Google Maps and WLS to default to use cell tower location, which is not the same thing as assisted-gps.
    06-03-08 02:04 PM
  14. bennygoodx's Avatar
    My location isn't working on my VZW curve today. It was yesterday and every other day...
    06-03-08 02:11 PM
  15. johnnywoods's Avatar
    I think this is pretty crappy on google's part. Hopefully a solution will come out with the next GMaps update.
    06-03-08 04:14 PM
  16. Q-fugee#CB's Avatar
    I think this is pretty crappy on google's part. Hopefully a solution will come out with the next GMaps update.
    If it's google's fault. It looks more to me like RIM changed the API. Since it affects both Google Maps and WLS, I'm blaming RIM.

    06-03-08 04:59 PM
  17. treoneo's Avatar
    the GPS on 8330 works fine with BB maps & Telenav. It's just Google maps that has problem.
    06-03-08 06:35 PM
  18. yankees9920's Avatar
    Does my location with the cell tower triangulation work for Verizon
    06-03-08 06:51 PM
  19. johnnywoods's Avatar
    It should.
    06-04-08 11:19 AM
  20. asdf002's Avatar
    maybe RIM/Sprint doesn't like the fact that BB owners use other mapping systems. So to put an end to that they changed up the internal gps on their newest curves. Wouldn't make much sense since GPSed works on sprint 8330s.

    From what I've read verizon has "hid" the internal gps in their 8330s making it only available to bb maps and their navigation system. I am not aware of if verizon 8330 owners can get GPSed to work.

    I sure hope that this isn't the case and that it is on google's end. Something they can remedy a the drop of a dime.
    06-04-08 01:29 PM
  21. Q-fugee#CB's Avatar
    Google just released GoogleMaps 2.2.0.

    I downloaded it to my Sprint 8330 and it works as advertised.

    Woo Hoo!

    Crippled Verizon owners, you're on your own.

    06-06-08 10:09 AM
  22. ms686's Avatar
    Since getting google maps 2.2 my vz curve is working with the my location feature

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-06-08 10:24 AM
  23. ms686's Avatar
    Correction it is still triangulation sorry can delete this and previous post
    06-06-08 10:28 AM
  24. spunkin82's Avatar
    could someone post a link to where i could download googlemaps 2.2.0. thanks in advance.
    06-06-08 10:38 AM
  25. asdf002's Avatar
    could someone post a link to where i could download googlemaps 2.2.0. thanks in advance.
    and possibly the jad/cod files or alx/cod for installation through pc or media card. Thanks!
    06-06-08 10:40 AM
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