1. roc97007's Avatar
    This is getting annoying. I want to run Google Maps 3.0.2 for Latitude support. I install it, verify it's working, log into my gmail account, see all my latitude contacts, and then later I'll bring up google maps, and durned if it hasn't reverted back to version 2.3.2. (which works fine, but it doesn't have latitude.) I'm not sure exactly when this happens, but suspect it's after reboot. Will do some experiments to see if I can get it to happen while I'm watching.

    I used to have Google Mobile app, which seemed to be part of the problem, as the mobile app seems to include the older version of google maps. But after deleting the mobile app, this continues to happen.

    Any ideas? Is 2.3.2 part of the firmware or something? Why the heck won't it go away and stay away?
    09-02-09 04:19 PM