1. glendsouza's Avatar

    Seem to have a problem with Google Maps. It was working perfectly till i decided to upgrade it to 3.2 and once i did that every time i open Google Maps i get the following error msg

    Network Unavailable:This application requires a data connection. Please contact ur carrier, or visit Google Maps on your computer for more info.

    I even tried downgrading to 3.0.2 which was working perfectly fine before but not even thats giving me the same error msg. I do have data connection coz my BB otherwise is working perfectly fine.
    10-25-09 02:45 AM
  2. aldo818's Avatar
    Mine doesn t find my location and it s really slow. Lattitude doesn t work as well
    10-25-09 03:38 AM
  3. Darqua's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem.. PLEASE HELP !
    10-25-09 05:54 AM
  4. Jay24's Avatar
    im having the same problem also i wish i didnt upgrade to the new one so fast. it has me in the same location since friday. i reset uninstalled and the same thing. does anyon have the 3.0.2 map still handy for download.
    10-25-09 10:16 AM