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    Had Google Map 3.0 loaded on my BlackBerry 8300. It was the greatest. Google advised 4.0 should be downloaded. Had no reason not - so I did. This software states to change all "Permissions" to "Allow". The drop down only has "Prompt" or "Deny" - aint got no "Allow". Spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile - we did everything but could not find how to change the drop down to include "Allow". They did call back with another possible solition but nope. They said it was a Google problem. My IS department says it's Google program problem. Think all three only know how to point a figure but not solve the problem. Does anyone know where / if the Premissons can be changes? Attempted to find Google Map 3.0.6 but found that the se source is Google and they are only offering Map 4.0. Is there someone out there that has had this problem? I have deleted and install Google Map 4.0 at least 30 times from every link that I or T-Mobile could find.


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    05-01-10 06:13 PM
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    Do you have the "Allow" option on other apps? Are you a BES user? If you are a BES user, and you don't have "Allow" as an option on ANY app, then to me that points the finger squarely at your IT Policy. I am a BES user and I have "Allow" as an option on all apps, including Google Maps 4.0.1
    05-01-10 06:22 PM
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    What does "BES" stand for? Will the IT know and will they be able to adjust same? Been working on this for over 3 weeks and IT has no clue.

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    05-01-10 06:48 PM
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    BES=Blackberry Enterprise Service. If you go to Options-Advanced Options-Enterprise Activation does it show a date last activated?

    I had a similar problem with permissions until our BES admin updated our BES software to the latest release from RIM. He also told me that they don't set any special permissions. I was having my problem with vlingo. There was no Allow option.

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    05-01-10 07:02 PM
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    You may still be able to get 3.2.1 here (mobile link):

    05-01-10 07:19 PM
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    The Google Map 3.0 link works. Many thanks

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    05-01-10 08:22 PM
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    I'm glad you got your old Google back, but you will likely have this problem again with another app. You can't fix it yourself, but if you tell your IT department about sdmcwilliams' solution, they may be able to upgrade the BES and solve it as he did.
    05-01-10 08:28 PM
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    I have BIS, and it also keeps asking to change the permission everytime I run it. I already save all the changes to allow, but it doesn't make a difference.
    05-03-10 05:07 AM