1. everclear0411's Avatar
    ... is Garbage. I didn't ask for it to happen, but all of a sudden my contacts quadrupled.

    After deleting the duplicates, they began reappearing again... only this time first names, last names, emails and phone numbers were all jumbled. I then figured out how to turn off this sync, but not before losing 20% of my contacts in the process and needing to put on my forensic archeologist hat to determine whose numbers were whose.

    You'd think they'd make this an option or something, not just have it appear and sync two databases that are entirely different (Blackberry organized, Gmail not)

    End rant.
    04-09-10 09:47 AM
  2. TrekkieMonster's Avatar
    Yeah, I've found this really frustrating, as well. It did the multiple contact thing when I first installed it, and I just figured it was a one-time glitch, did the whole double deleting (on gmail and bb) thing and it seemed fine. But, I've found that no matter what I do I get duplicate contact info within each contact's record; sometimes it'll create up to 8 copies of the same address and/or phone number. But, I've just lived with this, as well, since deleting these doesn't seem to do any good. Then I started realizing that it was randomly, and for no reason I could identify, just deleting contacts. Completely. Without warning or any action by me. It seemed to take special delight (because I admit I have begun anthropomorphizing a bit) in deleting my parents (either that or I was doing it subconsciously.)

    Then, when I recently took an international trip and had Verizon activate my SIM card it started with the duplication of contacts thing all over again. I thought I'd restored everything, but I'm continually finding the occasional random contact that has been deleted for no apparent reason. I don't know what the **** is up, but I'm getting sick of it. Unfortunately, because my company doesn't have a BES, and I had all kinds of problems getting Yahoo contacts and calendar to sync, I chose googlesync and I'm sort of stuck with it, but I'm really getting fed up.

    I miss the old days when I had my first Palm Pilot. I loved their calendar and contact software. So simple. I wonder if anyone out there makes a simple desktop or cloud Outlook substitute ....
    04-09-10 12:40 PM
  3. itsdollar's Avatar
    Do you both have the gmail plugin? If so you need to unselect sync contacts for one of them googlesync or the gmail plugin.
    04-09-10 12:56 PM