1. Irish-luck's Avatar
    Hi, I just started usinig google mobile and sync to bring in events from my google calender. After that first sync, I haven't been able to do another one. It looks like this has been a major problem. SO, does anyone have any suggestions?

    ps. now my screen freezes when I try to sign in to google sync!
    10-07-09 11:36 PM
  2. smnc's Avatar
    Try uninstalling it and re-installing it?
    10-08-09 03:52 AM
  3. Irish-luck's Avatar
    How do you uninstall something?
    10-10-09 09:10 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    How do you uninstall something?
    Options>Advanced Options>Applications>scroll to Google Sync>press BlackBerry button>scroll to Delete and click trackball. Reboot after deleting.
    10-10-09 11:39 PM
  5. rethcork's Avatar
    I had the same problem, but after a uninstall and reboot I re-installed and it works awesome!

    10-10-09 11:48 PM
  6. scottjb's Avatar
    I gave up on Google Calendar Sync. I still use it to sync/back up my contacts, but the calendar sync just doesn't work properly.

    After you remove/reinstall, you won't get appointments prior to today on your handheld. At some point you will get duplicate events, specifically if you ever add another calendar. It's just not ready for prime time.
    10-11-09 11:04 AM