1. Elsongs's Avatar
    I'm having the hardest time (and worst luck) with syncing my BB calendar with Google calendar. A few months ago I tried syncing, and all my BB calendar entries got wiped out!

    I just tried it again using the Google Sync app on my phone and although nothing got wiped, none of the calendar entries on my BB showed up on my Google Calendar!

    Apparently a lot of you are enjoying this Google/BB sync business, so what am I doing wrong here?!?!
    05-08-10 06:41 AM
  2. visualpurple's Avatar
    Entries on your BB won't sync to Google Calendar on the first sync - clear out your BB calendar and enter the same events manually on Google Calendar, then set up Google Sync.

    If you have too many events to do by hand, use Desktop Manager to sync the BB events to your desktop calendar, then import them from there to GCal.
    05-08-10 09:26 AM