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    I see other posts about this issue but no clear answer.

    I apologize in advance for the long winded post but I want to provide as much info as possible.

    I have 2 email addresses linked to my bberry: 1 gmail and 1 school (outlook).

    THEN I have google calendar. I sync the google calendar into the outlook calendar on my PC.

    I am getting duplicate events using google sync on my BB to with my google calendar. I am getting triplicate all day events. I have NEVER intentionally set the blackberry to sync with the calendar on the outlook email address.


    As far I know, (and I may be wrong) no matter what email addys you set up on your BB, nothing gets downloaded into your BB calendar unless YOU set it up to do so (e.g. Installing and using Google Sync). Am I correct in that assumption?

    I suppose that the duplicate events are a result of the two email addys I have set up on my bberry (gmail and outlook) having the exact same calendars. If that's the case, where do I go to turn off the setting telling my blackberry to pull events from the calendars on both emails?

    Please help me its driving me NUTS!

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    03-18-09 03:05 PM
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    If you are running the Facebook 1.5 app it will sync all your data with the facebook calendar and also make it available on your BB so when you look you will have two sets of appointments. All you have to do is set your calendar to just the "Device Default" and it will only show that calendar not the Facebook one.

    To do this you click on your BB button and go to Select Calendar and the menu will show it self...

    I hope this helps...
    03-18-09 04:46 PM
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    I have the same issue except I want only the outlook calendar synced. I am NOT using Google sync nor do I have Facebook (any version) on my bb

    In addition I cannot add a new appointment into my device calendar. It insists on adding it to one of the calendars associated with an email and it's driving me crazy.

    Any help would be appreciated
    03-25-09 10:43 PM
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    W/r/t my original post i've fixed the problem (sort of)

    Ok here goes:

    For the Google calendar sync software I have installed on my laptop I changed it to a 1 way sync (google to outlook) instead of the previous 2 way setting (google to outlook & viceversa).


    Installed BB desktop software:
    Backup & restore> advanced. And then highlighted BOTH "calendar" and "calendar-all", clicked "clear" -- as far as I understand that deleted the "device default" calendar (since I not longer see it as an available option when I go to calendar>select calendar). This also wiped all events from my BB from all emails, (which google sync WOULD NOT do when I selected "reset calendar sync" -- apparently it's suppossed to). ***NOTE*** in my case, I wasn't worried about backing up my calendar b/c it's all saved on my gmail account to begin with so keep that in mind and backup your data with the desktop software before you read this and start deleting stuff.


    As it stands right now I have both email accounts (gmail and outlook) sent to my BB. Like I said the "device default" doesn't appear when I hit "select calendar" in BB calendar. The only choices available are the two email addresses.

    I think it's options>advanced>default services that'll take you to set your messaging (email) and calendar defaults. I have my gmail address set as the default for both.

    I signed out of google sync. Signed back in. I synced calendars, contacts, and reminders.

    Right now I'm getting dupes NEITHER for recurring daily events, NOR FOR one-time events during the day. I am STILL getting dupes for all day events.

    But in any event this has been a nightmare and I can't believe how many bugs google sync has. If you're reading this and think it's something I did PPPPPLEASE tell me!!!


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    04-01-09 06:44 PM
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    I am also having the same problems. When I open my calender and look at the "Select calendar" My BB says that "show all calendars" is selected. I have three different calendars listed my gmail, blackberry email and facebook. The problem I am running into is that that there are duplicates present in my calender because both my gmail and my blackberry email seem to be copying eachother. I am not sure which is copying which but when I select only one of the three calendars I do not see any duplicates. Does any one have any advice?
    12-14-09 02:18 PM
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    What I did was delete the cical service books for the emails I didn't want to sync (it is under general options/ default services)....I have two gmail accts and one work acct. I wanted to sync with outlook (via usb cable as if google sync never existed)
    I have the Facebook calendar back, even though I never even had that checked off.
    So I will delete that cical service book as well....

    also when in the option to show all calendars type MOVE and it will ask if you want items moved to the default calendar...I select yes.....

    A week later and almost fully resolved.
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    12-14-09 02:30 PM
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    An excerpt from google answers
    The problem seems to lie with Blackberry sync and Google sync both trying to synchronize the calendar. Turn off the Blackberry sync by going to Calendar--> Options--> Select your account (the gmail address that you are synching with)--> Un-check 'Wireless Synchronization'. Once this is turned off, use Google sync.

    Blackberry: How can I delete all my events on my Blackberry's default calendar
    Go into the calendar, set your view to be agenda, and then scroll up to the top of your calendar, highlight the first date listed and hit the menu key. Now choose "delete prior" and it will remove all of your calendar entries.

    Deleting duplicates from Google Calendar
    You can use the donation-ware tool to delete your duplicates. Here is the tool on the page. Read their FAQs.

    Free Google Calendar Duplicate Remover (Donation-ware) | ryanVision
    02-17-12 11:10 AM
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    Calendar sync...possible solution

    Please understand this may not be exactly what you're looking but:

    Here's what I discovered, give it a shot. it's a working workaround, sorry it's not perfect, but you

    don't have to deal with millions of duplicates when you attempt to sync your Google Sync with the BB

    calendar app.

    Do this:
    Sign in to your Google account using BB's web browser. Then access the Calendar feature from a WEB PAGE.

    Do NOT use the BB Calendar application that's built into the memory. Google's mobile Calendar page will

    show you an agenda and a Quick Add space where you can add new events to your calendar WITHOUT EVER USING

    THE BB CALENDAR APP. It will sync to your Google calendar, and the only difference is, you bookmark in

    your Web favorites to access your calendar app. With BB's push browser, you'll stay as synced as you

    possibly can in real time, AND YOU ONLY HAVE TO INPUT AN APPOINTMENT ONCE FOR IT TO STICK. And best of

    all, NO DUPES!

    Sorry if I am on the late freight, but hey, it took me a few weeks on my new BB 9360 Curve to get it to

    work this way. Hope it helps!

    One more thing...make sure you hide the BB calendar so you don't accidentally access it instead of the


    Update: I've using this procedure since I first posted on 4/10/12 with NO PROBLEMS...NONE!!!
    04-15-12 07:46 PM