1. cgfromnc's Avatar
    Anyone notice that if you create an event on the BB and select an invitee from the BB that the date and time is all messed up when emailed to the invitee?

    Here's what i did

    1. Created event on BB - set my wife as an attendee dec 24th at 4pm, and set to email invite all from my BB.
    2. event synced with my gcal - everything correct
    3. notification sent to wife's account.
    4. notificationi not delivered to wifes BB (she's on BES, i'm not - not sure why that would matter)
    5. Went to wifes desktop - calendar event icon is in outlook inbox BUT wont open because it says that event occurred in past.
    6. went to wifes gmail account on desktop and gmail email says event is on nov 30th at 9pm.

    I checked to make sure all calendars are GMT - 5.

    Wondering if its a glitch in sync software (can anyone confirm this by trying) OR is it an issue with her being on BES (don't think so based on #6 above)

    If i create the event on my gcal desktop (not BB) then all is well - must be the way its coming of my BB??

    any input appreciated. otherwise app works well!!!
    12-22-07 11:57 AM