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    I'm sure this has been asked before, but different threads I've seen have users whose settings are slightly different than mine. I'm looking to sync a POP3 account on Outlook with my new BB 9700.

    The POP3 account is via a domain that I own. There is only one email address for the domain (small business). Up until now (no BB), I've simply used Outlook POP3 for the mail. I also use Outlook Calendar and Contacts.

    To sync Sent messages, Deleted Messages, and folders between my PC and BB (as well as Contacts and Calendars), would the following solution work, considering I own the domain and (obviously) have no Exchange server?

    -Setup Google Apps with the sole email address on the domain (would Premier be required for $50 per year?)
    -Use "Google App Sync for Microsoft Outlook" to sync mail, contacts, and calendar between Gmail and Outlook (does this use IMAP? Sorry, I'm behind in the technical lingo)
    -Assuming IMAP is used, setup something on the BB that will sync with the Gmail, which, in turn, is syncing with outlook

    I suppose the final step is the one I'm most unsure about. My situation can't be that unique; again, I have one email address on a domain that I own, and I'd like to wirelessly sync everything between Outlook and BB. I've heard that Google Apps can do this, but I'm hoping someone can help me with details.

    THANK YOU! I'm excited to be joining the BlackBerry community!
    06-10-10 07:53 PM
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    it wont do it with the free google apps. your carrier may also require you to get the higher bes blackberry plan.
    06-10-10 08:18 PM
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    it wont do it with the free google apps. your carrier may also require you to get the higher bes blackberry plan.
    Yes it will, I do it myself. I have gsynit setup with my outlook I instruct it to to do a 2-way sync to my gmail account and then on my blackberry I have the free google sync app setup to sync to the google account. Works perfectly, If I update and make a new entry on the blackberry to updates to the google account and from there gsyncit updates my Outlook. If I make a change in outlook gsyncit updates google and from there google sync on my blackberry pulls to the update onto my blackberry.
    06-10-10 10:00 PM
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    I gather that gSyncit is for calendar, contacts, and tasks -- not mail? (per their website).

    Do you use it for mail as well??
    06-10-10 10:27 PM
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    Hi sorry didn't read your post completely. No it doesn't sync email. Unless you have BES Blackberry email sucks. Luckily just having the inbox is fine for me but for times when I need to get an old email in an imap folder I use logicmail LogicMail for BlackBerry you setup an account like you would in say outlook and you can see all your imap folders, create new folders, compose email etc. It's a bit crude, you have to manually refresh the folders, and there's no notification if you receive a new email. Basically I use my normal blackberry inbox to receive mail and reply. I only use logic mail if I need to lookup an old email I filed away.
    06-11-10 01:11 AM
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    I'm in a very similar situation as you...have my own small company with my own domain name and email address (no exchange server set up). I also tried to get the whole Outlook/Google/BB set up going as you described and never could get the Outlook to Google part working. I've been a dedicated Outlook user for all things email/calendar/contacts related since it first came out, but I finally got tired of messing with getting it all to sync. So, about 3 weeks ago, after getting a fresh sync from Outlook to my BB, I closed Outlook, set up a gmail account and calendar, forwarded all my pop3 email to the new gmail address, downloaded Google Sync to my phone, and let it do it's syncing magic. I remain extremely pleased with the results and haven't opened Outlook a single time since. Syncing of calendar/contacts/email is constant and automatic. My wife works with me in our business, so to simplify our world, I downloaded a new browser (google chrome) and set it up to automatically log in to out new gmail account. I told her that she should think of the google chrome icon as if it were the Outlook icon and only use it for our business stuff...not surfing the web. It's all working out great. She adds appointments/people and I get them on my phone without having to hook up a cable.

    I always liked Outlook and thought it might be hard to drop, but it wasn't. Google is doing everything I need it to. It's also nice for my wife to be able to check emails and look up people and calendar stuff from the pc at home (or any other pc). So far, I have only discovered one downside...task list. Although Google has task list similar to Outlook, they don't sync to your phone, and they way they are set up on the web page screen, they are kind of hard to read. So, I've either stopped using them, or, if the task was a list (like of clients to take care of next), I just made a contact called ClientsToTakeOfNext, and that stays in sync with my BB.

    I don't mean to imply that you can not get Outlook to sync with Google, I just got tired of messing with it. Good luck.

    One last thing...in case you don't know this, you can set up your reply from your gmail account to show that it came from your domain name email account (not from [email protected]).
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    06-11-10 08:26 AM
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    Is this not exactly what I'm looking for? Seems like it would work...
    06-11-10 05:05 PM