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    Bit of a rhetorical question:
    Upon searching the Google site for an updated Gmail app (one that works properly with OS6) I noticed that Iphone and Android have a lot more apps, and from the screen shots even the ones that BB has look better on other phones.

    I appreciate that they will prioritise Android phones, but why are the Google BB apps so crappy and why are there so few of then compared to Iphone?

    Its also been 6+ months since OS 6 was released yet the Gmail app still crashes when you try to search, Is this RIM not hassling Google enough or just Google considering BBs to be a dying brand I wonder?!?
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    04-19-11 05:14 AM
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    Good reflection. You got a point there.
    04-19-11 06:22 AM
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    I no longer use the GMail app as it gave me duplicate notifications due to the BIS integration and the GMail app. The Gmail app has more functionality but after nearly 3 years use on my Bold, I find I don't really need it.

    As far as the "quality" of apps goes, I've always seen the BB platform as a business tool, accessing corp email, contacts, and calendar, and some specialized internal apps. It clearly excels at that. If you want to manage your music library, stream video, balance your checkbook or play games, you're better off with the other devices.

    Don't underestimate competitive forces. IMO, it's not RIM's place to hassle Google, it's the users that need to scream. If Google perceives a significant loss or lack of revenue from the BB community, they will do it.
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    Good points, Id like to be able to do all of these on my BB, they are such good form factors - for me the torch is the best of both worlds, I just wish I could do more.

    I would email Google but they seem to be un-contactable.
    04-19-11 10:11 AM
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    The way I see it, google apps are mainly built for android. None of them work very well on a BB, why? Who knows but I fond there pretty useless when you use the apps that we have.
    04-19-11 10:15 AM
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    As a "user" myself, it's all about compromise. I have a good idea of what my needs/wants are. Based on that, the BB best serves them. Does it fall short in some areas? Certainly.
    04-19-11 10:29 AM