1. raidone's Avatar
    I am looking for an app that will allow me to more easily unlock my torch without a full keyboard to type in a code!! I'm thinking some sort of slider or something......

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    11-03-10 04:10 PM
  2. ChaSiuBao's Avatar
    pattern lock is a good one that i use
    11-03-10 06:00 PM
  3. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Pattern Lock. "nuff said
    11-03-10 06:30 PM
  4. anon(363857)'s Avatar
    Just bought the full version of PatternLock today(Torch kept sliding and unlocking in pocket).

    This app is awesome.
    11-03-10 06:41 PM
  5. TheRemoteUnlockercom's Avatar
    Agreed...I tried to get by on the Lite version. The customizable options on the full version are pretty serious!

    One of the best apps I've used!
    11-04-10 07:16 PM
  6. trek750's Avatar
    I use SwipeLock by cellavant...works great!
    11-05-10 11:06 AM