05-11-10 10:06 PM
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  1. nedradswain's Avatar
    I have the Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330 and so far have had no luck getting a GPS golf application. Is it my service provider? Please let me know if golftraxx will work on my phone and how to get it.

    08-30-09 05:04 PM
  2. jeffinMI's Avatar
    Hi, I just got a Tour (my first BB) and am anxious to activate a GOS system for Golf. Does your software work with my phone? Please let me know.


    09-03-09 02:58 PM
  3. kwilliamsfishing's Avatar
    I hav purchased the software, just too little time to worry about mapping courses right now and too much golf to play. Anyway, I couldn't get it to work and decided to take the plunge and purchase VZN. I now have both on my phone. I think I have figured out how to keep Nav open on the phone and move to another app, but if anyone has a better idea on how to do that let me know(I currently hit the green phone button and then go to menu button to switch app, when you are in nav it won't let you switch apps). When I get into GolfTraxx I see the course and info and even what tee I can select, but when I do select I get the following error:

    REsponse Code = 400
    Response Message = Bad Request

    Course is Saddlebrook in zip 46228

    Help, golfing tomorrow.


    09-03-09 06:00 PM
  4. kwilliamsfishing's Avatar
    Is this program still out there? I purchased and now get no response and still cannot get the program to work...bout time to send out the calvary and make sure no one else is getting taken by this. I am using Peral 8130 on Verizon. I have Navigator, bout to drop that service if I can't get this to work and also have an external puck. Same issues Bad response, etc.

    Can we get our money back?

    This thread had alot of activity then all the sudden nothing? Something is wrong.

    Please let me know what is up...thanks
    09-16-09 03:05 PM
  5. sirgoofy's Avatar

    I'm having a connection time out problem. When i search for a course i get the error almost instantly without the program even attemping to connect (apparently). I've given in three course files and been in touch with frank and greg with no solutions - greg asked me to call but it's not really practical for me (i'm in UK and dont pay the land line phone bill!).

    I can assure you ive read the FAQ page and changed all the required settings to allow - it's got to be something else. Here's a list of things i've noticed that could have something to do with it...

    Supscription id, email address and name are all empty - do I have to have some sort of account to get it to work?

    Connection method is set to BES... I'm not sure what this means but I've tried it on BIS as well but seems to make no difference.

    In wap options "Gateway and APN are blank. Whenever I try and input something there it never saves it, next time i look back it's always empty.

    What is "use wap stack"?

    Help would be fantastic, I can't wait to get this going!
    Hi, I have the exact problem as above. I spoke to Frank and he advised me to update the driver of BB to the latest one. Yet it didn't help. I am in the UK connected to 02.

    When I look at the warning log (alt+lglg), i get this message:
    CMM: golftraxx(4230) no sig from 0x33

    Can someone please help? The GPRS signal strength is good. I can use opera mini to surf the net.

    Do I need to set APN? I set it to wap.o2.co.uk.

    09-30-09 11:11 AM
  6. Aragosta's Avatar
    Hello all.
    I purchased the BB version (electronic download) yesterday via PayPal. I received the PayPal receipt, but nothing from GolfTraxx.
    How soon should I be expecting to heard from GolfTraxx with whatever information I need to download the app?

    10-04-09 10:45 AM
  7. joesparty's Avatar
    how accurate is the gps on vzw?
    10-07-09 12:00 AM
  8. mparrish31's Avatar
    If you have a VZN BB and want to run GolfTraxx, we may have a work-around. We are looking for testers to see how well this works on 88, Curve and Perl Devices.

    In response to the VZN GPS issue, I would like to see if this is a generalized solution OR just a one-time event. This requires a user to have VZ Navigator working, (and the associated monthly cost,) BUT this seems to be a good way to unlock the potential of a VZ BB device.

    One of our users gave us the following information on how to get GolfTraxx (and potentially any GPS enabled) application to work on a VZN phone even though VZN doesn't technically give us poor third party developers the data feed.

    1. Turn on the VZ Navigator program.
    2. Click on 'maps', then click on 'follow me maps'.
    (This activates the GPS capability of the VZW Blackberry device)
    3. Leaving VZ Navigator running, open the GolfTraxx program and enter the appropriate golf course info.

    I downloaded Golftraxx to experiment and viola! it works! One will use more battery power running both programs concurrently, but as long as you battery is full prior to starting, one should not run empty in a normal 18 hole round.

    In the follow-up call, he said that on the golf course the BB was clicking off yards step by step. SO, 1 there are good GPS chip(s) in those devices and they do have the capability for <3y accuracy! He was actually walking with a SkyCaddy user and the numbers were EXACTLY the same on both devices. Woo Hoo!
    I will be glad to test as I have been looking for a program to work with a half working verizon blackberry 8330 curve. Please let me know what I need to do.
    10-07-09 11:27 PM
  9. FrankPC's Avatar
    There are golf courses in my area that do not show up in your database. I will forward their scorecards to you per your course mapping primer.

    Thank you,

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    10-11-09 12:29 PM
  10. FrankPC's Avatar
    I just submitted a second mapped course. I am planning to play one of the courses in a week. I'm wondering if that is enough time for the maps to be approved and made available for downloading. Also need the GolfTraxx application.

    Does anyone know how long the process is taking these days?

    10-12-09 11:55 AM
  11. myklos's Avatar
    I was just about to order Golftraxx an went to your website. I looked at the pics of it on the BB and it doesn't look the same as it does on any of the other devices. It also looks like you have to do the math to figure out the distances. Am I missing something or is this what ou get?
    03-19-10 10:43 AM
  12. devildude's Avatar
    I downloaded the application for use with my 8530 as the Curve was advertised as a supported device.

    I had several lockups and the software wouldn't measure my shot or record any data. I had to shut it down a couple of times in the first 2 holes to get the phone to operate at all! Ended up shutting it down.

    I emailed tech support a couple of days ago but no reply at all.

    05-05-10 06:40 PM
  13. purcel41's Avatar
    I have the Storm 9530. Will this work on my phone without VZ Navigator that they charge $ 10.00 a month.
    05-11-10 10:06 PM
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