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    I have a Blackberry Curve 8320 with T-Mobile. I know that some people are very pro data plan and think it’s a waste to have a BB without one and then there are others who like me; the BB suits our needs without a data plan. Since I don’t have a data plan, I didn’t go to the Web via the t-zones browser because I didn’t want to be charged for data until last week when I decided to play around a little and realized that I could get Yahoo and Gmail via the t-zones browser (browser-Web-More Sites-Email/IM-Gmail). I called T-Mobile and was told if I can get it then I won’t be charged for it. I called back to verify with a different CSR and was told the same thing. Everyday I check my bill online and do not have any data charges.

    Excited about my discovery, I decided to update the OS to The reason I haven't updated it until now is because I thought why mess with it if it isn't borken and I should have stuck to that because now I cannot access Gmail via t-zones browser; however, I can still access Yahoo mail.

    I get the message, “A communication failure has occurred. The server may be busy, please try again later. If the problem persists contact your service provider.” Some things I have tired over the past week to get my Gmail back are: downgrade the OS which didn’t go well at all, reinstall new OS, service books deleted and resent multiple times, too many battery pulls to count, cleared cache, changed browser configurations & general browser properties, T-Mobile said it could be several different things but I'm sure they don't want to mess with me since I don't have a data plan… I know that I should just be grateful that I can get Yahoo mail but it’s driving me crazy trying to figure out why I could get to Gmail before the OS update <sigh of defeat> Any suggestions on how to get my Gmail access back (other than getting a data plan :-)? Thank you for your time, it’s very much appreciated!
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