1. ldr's Avatar

    two days back the BIS seemed to have a problem and emails were really delayed and I was not able to send any email.

    Yesterday I figured out that gmail emails deleted from the device are not deleted from the server anymore (yes, the deletion settions are mailbox & handheld and have not changed and I verified this).

    However the read flags are updated on the server if an email is read on the device.

    I did a battery pull already but it didnt do the trick. Is this something common these days?

    06-03-10 01:16 AM
  2. apbthe3's Avatar
    Mine works so I don't think it's a system-wide problem. Are you using the Advanced Gmail Plugin?
    06-03-10 07:03 PM
  3. kpj104's Avatar
    I am using enhanced gmail plugin and having the same issue. I don't even have the delete from handheld and server option anymore when I delete an email.

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    06-07-10 05:45 AM