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    I need a little help understanding Gmail enhanced Plugin. Generally, everything is working fine, i.e., I can send and receive emails without incident, and the synchronization works fine also.

    Here's where I'm lost: I have several customized folders / labels that I've created in my Gmail account, e.g., file cabinet, saved received, saved sent, as well as several folders for the filters that I created. The folders [themselves] synced with my device; however their contents did not. Even if I go into the 'all mail' folder on my device, is doesn't display all the messages that are truly in my 'all mail' folder on the PC. As I'm sitting here drafting this post and playing with the device, I wonder if the messages that are displayed on my device's 'all mail' are only the messages that were received since the installation of the Plugin. For some reason, I'm thinking that the device folders and their contents should be a mirror of the PC's folders - most certainly the PC's 'all mail' folder. Is there a way to reconcile these folders?

    Anyone have any input to clarify this quandary?
    06-16-10 06:52 PM
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    Anybody have any ideas? Anyone else with the same issues?
    06-22-10 10:28 PM