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    I'm on Sprint, coming off a Palm Pre, with 2 week layover at EVO (but I learned that soft keyboard just is NOT an option for me) and now on a BB 9650.

    Personal email is on gmail.com

    Work email is on Zimbra (OpenSource, so Zimbra Mobile Edition, Zimbra BB Connector aren't options).

    Neither my work laptop nor my home PC are running Windows.

    Note: no Exchange anywhere, no Outlook, clearly BES isn't in the cards. Sprint BIS.

    Work email connection using IMAP has been fine.

    Personal email via gmail has been frustrating. If I use the native email program (not sure what it's properly called), then it shows a notification for all emails that arrive at gmail, even if I've got filters set so that they get tagged and don't show up as "Inbox", meaning I get a notification count but can't get to the messages to view or (preferably) clear the notification.

    Then I tried the gmail provided app, which seemed to work much better. This would seem to solve the problem, but I suspect somewhere along the line I left some setting wrong, as I am having all kinds of problems with contact and calendar syncing.

    Currently, I use only the gmail contact/calendar lists, not the Zimbra ones (I would prefer to find a solution that will allow me to keep WORK related contact/calendar on Zimbra and personal related ones on gmail).

    I used both the BB native gmail connection to sync and the gmail provided calendar/contact sync, and somehow I got things messed up. I didn't intend to have both sync mechanisms running at the same time, but it is possible that they were. At this point, no matter which mechanism I enable, once I have it syncing, I get massive duplication on SOME of my contacts and doubling of all other contacts, and double of SOME of my calendar entries. gmail has a handy "find duplicates" function through their web interface but on the next sync cycle the dupes are back.

    My current status:

    I removed both the Zimbra-IMAP and the gmail accounts from my email setup, and then manually went through and deleted 300+ contacts on the phone (Del - D... over and over and over). I started deleting the doubled calendar entries, but I couldn't find a view which shows just a list of all calendar entries so I have no way of knowing if I got all of them. Is there a way to wipe out ALL calendar and ALL contacts to start over again?

    I understand and accept that the way things are done in BB is different from the was it was on webOS or on Android. I am pretty sure I'm just doing the setup in the wrong sequence or misunderstanding the meaning of options somewhere.

    What I need (obviously without duplications):
    1.) ability to get notification of gmail "Inbox" emails.
    2.) ability to read/reply gmail "any other" tagged emails that are not "Inbox".
    3.) ability to get to all Zimbra IMAP folders - notification on only Inbox (but I think this works right already)
    4.) ability to get contacts from gmail
    5.) ability to enter a contact on the phone and it gets pushed to gmail
    6.) ability to get calendar entries from gmail
    7.) ability to enter a calendar entry on the phone and it gets pushed to gmail

    What I want:
    8.) ability to use CardDAV to Zimbra to get contacts from and push contacts to Zimbra. Obviously would need to have a way on the BB to keep track of which contacts should sync up with gmail and which should sync up with Zimbra.
    9.) ability to use CalDAV to Zimbra to get and push calendar entries to Zimbra.
    06-22-10 08:26 AM