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    State your OS, your phone, and the app. Tell us how your app gave you trouble and how you fixed the issue.

    I got a 9810 os7. I recently had trouble with:

    Pandora--music It said "tunnel failure" when I tried to open the app one night. I have no idea what that is. Solution- remove battery then install. fixed.

    Also this app just froze today so I removed the batt again. fixed.

    Inrix -- traffic - When I tried to open it, it says that I need internet connection. weird cause I show bars in the upper corner. AND I can surf the web. I even installed it again and it still says that that I have no connection. Solution- don't use. Happy with BB traffic app.

    Share yours.
    08-06-12 05:33 PM
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    08-07-12 05:52 PM
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    With all due respect, I LOVE your G of G title!!!!!!! So apt.

    Now as far as the OP goes, I believe stating the type of phone we have and what our problems are and how we solved them...IS THE POINT OF THE ENTIRE CRACKBERRY SITE. (Somebody stop me if I'm wrong)
    08-07-12 07:21 PM