1. ElSteve9's Avatar
    A few months ago I saw a notice on Crackberry that this app, Gist, was just bought by RIM. So I checked it out, and was sort of excited about it, but frustrated, too.

    You could look up what I said before (since this sounds kinda like I work for a company maybe), but I'll list what I was frustrated by before:

    1) The app pulls together EVERYTHING. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (I think, I don't use that)...your contact lists, etc. It's pretty cool in this regard, and that's the big promise of the app.

    2) The BB app doesn't store things on your BB! It pulls EVERYTHING from a central server, which means that it's pretty slow to do most things.

    3) The BB app didn't let you DO anything from inside the app! Like, wtf? I can't EMAIL from inside what seems to me to be an overgrown contact list? PLEASE.

    You might note that Gist didn't release a BB app until RIM flat bought them. Then one came out promptly. You might notice that an app like Gist makes a ton of sense for RIM, since it's all about integration, which seems to me to be a Blackberry's greatest strength & feature.

    Well, they have updated the app repeatedly since then. Lately there have been updates almost every 2 weeks, adding new features, etc. So now you CAN email from inside the app, and send SMS messages, and call. That's it, but it's definite progress. Most importantly, it shows that they're working hard and actually producing results.

    It's getting there! I think it's worth, at least, keeping an eye on. In time this app could be dope on a rope.

    08-12-11 04:11 PM
  2. JPMorgan_'s Avatar
    I've just found there is a Gist app for Google Chrome, and a Gist app for Outlook, does RIM make any profit out of this apps???????
    Does anyone use the Gist app for Google Chrome?? do you recommend it???
    Best regards,
    06-19-12 02:49 PM
  3. wout000's Avatar
    They don't besides the obvious user details they store on the server (don't know if they use it though, check their terms)

    I noticed the updates on the Gist app too and i'm guessing they'll continue work on it for anyone with OS 5.0 and beyond.

    As far as i can tell from the BB OS 10 demos they have a Gist like functionality build right in.
    06-20-12 04:42 AM