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    Anybody know if iPhone Themes,Mobile Games,Wallpapers,Free CellPhone Games,Themes,WallPapers,SoftWare,News is legit? I found a download of Diner Dash, which my sister thought would be amazing on her phone. But the game itself seemed a bit small, so I decided to check other pages on the site. Need For Speed Undercover looks like there's no way it could run on a blackberry. It would need 3D acceleration for graphics that good.

    I know there are no known viruses for the Blackberry, but I'm afraid to try these out on a phone that isn't mine. Could somebody check who is brave than I?
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    There are no known viruses for BlackBerry, and at this point, few hackers are going to waste their resources while there are bigger fish to fry.
    07-23-14 07:44 PM
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    ????? Look at the dates..

    ggiphone.com - Legit?-img_20140723_212058.png

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    07-23-14 08:21 PM