1. kandi707's Avatar
    Somehow - possibly in one of the updates - I ended up with a couple of applications on my phone that I just do not want. And no I did not download them - they are not ones I would. But how the heck do I get rid of them?
    12-22-10 10:04 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If the apps are ones your carrier pushes, you can't really get rid of them. If you delete them, the carrier will just push them back again. If that's the case, just hide the icon and forget it. It's not really the app, just a loader that doesn't take much memory.
    12-22-10 10:09 PM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    If you really want them permanently to go away. There is a way. But it involves actually downloading and allowing the app to install. Then delete it from your Applications list. This worked for me with the Facebook app. And the icon never returned. But considering I have about 10 more I would like to go away, I didn't feel like making a career out of it. Hiding them was the logical solution. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents!

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    12-22-10 10:47 PM
  4. Bazza1's Avatar
    Posts elsewhere often suggest creating a folder (call it Junk or Crap or whatever), moving these unwanted download offers into it and then hiding the whole folder. Keeps the Download folder active for 'real' products (though hardly ever used now there is App World) and moves all this flotsam to one location.

    Now if we could only get uninstalled (free) software permanently deleted off the App World program on our BBs. Sure, you may decide to go back to one you paid for (RIM's argument for keeping this archive) but really, do we need to hold onto free (or trial versions of products we've bought) ones? Clutter.
    12-23-10 08:09 AM
  5. albee 1's Avatar
    Hey Bazza, I agree it would be nice to not see the apps we have dumped. But luckily that info is stored on app worlds data base not your bb. And I'm sure they are just like the icon links in our berrys. They also provide app world with info on our preferences. Annoying yes, but all we can do is ignore them.

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    12-23-10 10:21 AM
  6. kandi707's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses! Yep didn't think about them just being icons and not actually loaded. Guess I will have to figure out now how to hide them! Yep am new to all this but am figuring it all out! Thanks again!
    12-23-10 10:44 AM