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    I have had trouble getting Opera Mini to work on different Rogers Blackberrys (Bold and 8320, to be precise). I would get error messages that the connection to the Opera Mini server was blocked by the carrier (Rogers).

    I didn't find a solution by doing a search, but managed to figure out a way of getting it to work. Note - this may include unnecessary steps, but I haven't figured out the most efficient way to do this, I'm including all of them. Anyone else who figured this out, please feel free to correct with a more elegant solution.

    Anyway, here goes.

    1) If you already downloaded Opera Mini, and it doesn't work, delete it.

    2) Go to Options -> Advanced Options

    3) Go to "Browser" and set and save as follows:
    Default browser configuration: BlackBerry Browser
    Default MDS browser configuration: BlackBerry Browser
    Default WAP browser configuration: Rogers Mall

    4) Still in Advanced Options, go to TCP - the settings are probably blank

    5) Set and save TCP settings as follows:
    APN: Internet.com
    Username for APN: wapuser1
    Password for APN: wap

    6) Pop the battery on your Blackberry

    7) When it's online again, got to operamini.com and download Opera Mini. Say YES/ACCEPT to all prompts.

    8) You may be prompted to reboot your Blackberry - do so.

    9) Launch Opera Mini. Again, say YES/ACCEPT to all prompts.

    And it should be working. As I said, I may have an unnecessary step or two in there, but this definitely worked for me.
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    i've been trying to get Opera Mini working on my 8310 for the longest time! THANKYOU!! got it working now!!!!
    06-05-09 12:13 AM
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    This is weird. I have a Rogers Bold and was able to use Opera the moment I dled it.

    But great post, I guess there are a few who cannot.

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    06-05-09 02:25 AM