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    For a long time, I have used "Get it Back" from Convenience Software to report my BB missing, locate via GPS, make a lot of noise, send messages to the screen, etc. I've never needed to use it (ecept once when by BB was lost in the couch), but since I loaded a new screen lock program (Ultimate Lock, to look cool with BerryWeather), I thought I'd test it to make sure it was ok.

    Well they appear to be gone now.

    So what's the big favorite around CB? I see SmrtGuard mentioned a lot, but don't need any of that backup business, as I am fairly obsessive about backing up on my own, and those backups go to "the cloud." Also, I don't want to pay a subscription. Anyone have anything good to say about BuddyGuard Pro? What else is good.

    Thanks for your input and opinions; CB is the place to get them.
    12-20-10 11:48 AM
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    BuddyGuard Pro

    BlackBerry App World - BuddyGuard Pro

    But as I was searching for a link I found this, BlackBerry Protect:

    Introducing BlackBerry Protect | Inside BlackBerry

    Looks great. Does anyone have it and if so what do you think?
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    12-20-10 01:38 PM
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    That RIM product looks interesting... I installed the free SmrtGuard as a test, and it's missing a lot of things I am used to. It does fine locating the device, telling me the basic stats, etc. but the audio ping is weak; Get It back allowed you to set a loud ringer if you wanted, and what I had would wake the dead. It also let me send custom messages to the screen, and allow the finder to call me back from the device, even when it's locked. It was a really cool product. This RIM offering looks to have many of these same features. They all offer wipe, but I am not up for testing it out. ;-)

    Thanks for the reply; I'll be keeping an eye on this BlackBerry protect.
    12-20-10 02:00 PM