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    Is there a Genius Texting app that lets you text like the Samsung Omnia?
    04-06-10 01:42 PM
  2. stillborn86's Avatar
    I would love to see this.

    That being said, I don't think this would be possible. Since the keyboard is native to the OS and only RIM has access to the Java files that control they way it acts, no third-party group could edit it to add this. This is the same reason behind why nobody has created a way to have a "click-less" keyboard for the Storm. Opera had an old beta where they created a whole new keyboard that didn't need to be clicked, but that was so stressful to the low memory the Storm came with.

    However, it may be possible to have an application run in the background (and yet, above the keyboard) that could possibly accomplish the desired effect. But this would eat up valuable resources and put a huge strain on the first Storm (and maybe even the S2).

    I'm also pretty sure Samsung (or whoever thought up the idea) has some sort of patent on this and RIM has invested too much into the SurePress feature to add such a feature. In short, they won't pay more money to just ditch something they've already bought and paid for.

    So, even though I would love to try this out for my Storm, I honestly don't think it is possible.

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    04-06-10 04:38 PM