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    I have had the liberty of Beta testing a new app by Genius Development (MyCart, MyCart Pro, BerryMed Free) called GeniusMedicalDiary. Here is the basics and more of what GeniusMedicalDiary can do for you:

    Add multiple profiles with the ability to import "the current profiles" contact information from your contacts/address book. Nice, less typing of information is good.

    After you are finished typing or importing in all the contact/profile information in the application automatically takes you to a screen to fill out insurance information, allergies, diseases or conditions, any medication "the current profile" is taking

    Keep all your families & your medical information with you at all times.

    GeniusMedicalDiary will automatically backup all the profiles information to the phone. With this backup you can back this up to a PC, share the information with another family member who has a BlackBerry Device & as long as they also have GeniusMedicalDiary installed they have the information also.
    And you can also email the medical information to anyone. Traveling? Send your medical information ahead to someone. Share any medical information of your child with your babysitter.

    This is a must need application for every BlackBerry user.

    Download it from MobiHand
    Price: $1.99 until March 1st

    [special thanks to @ItsGeekster for writing the article and being a part of the Beta testing team for Genius Development]
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    02-04-10 11:48 AM
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    Has anyone tried this yet? If you have what do you think? Any feedback would be helpful but hopefully it will all be good.
    02-05-10 12:51 PM
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    Me tried it and me likey!!!!!
    when I had berrymed? I emailed the developer a few times and he got back to me right away. This seems to be a more robust version.....so far so good and not a large footprint.
    02-05-10 12:56 PM
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    Genius Medical Diary is number 1 on the best seller list in medical section @Mobihand & @crackberry stores!
    Congratulations Gurparit Chand! (developer of MyCart, MyCartPro, and BerryMed)

    *And thanks for letting the "BBM Gang" be your beta testers. It was fun!*
    02-17-10 07:06 PM