1. Doc750's Avatar
    I'm looking into adding Garmin to my blackberry and giving my current Garmin nav unit to the wife. I checked it out on their website and they say $99 for the life of your advice. What happens if for some reason you need to exchange your phone for a replacement phone, do you have to repurchase the software?

    If that's the case, I'd rather just put the $99 towards the purchase of another free standing nav unit.

    02-19-09 11:43 AM
  2. dviper827's Avatar
    I got the $150 version that includes a bluetooth antenna, thanks to verizons GPS lock down. I like it much better then VZnavigator. I talked to garmin on the phone and they told me if you get a replacement phone due to it breaking or defects, that your still covered. So i guess you'll just have to call them and explain so they can update your info. If you upgrade your phone, then you have to re-buy it. Or to be on the safe side, just send em a email asking, and get it in writing before buying.
    02-19-09 02:40 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    Best advice is to always contact the developer to see if the app allows for pin license transfer (or whatever is involved).
    02-19-09 02:42 PM
  4. GavinCampbell's Avatar
    I know with the BB version you need a data plan wherever you go as it downloads the maps as you drive.

    This was a problem for me when I go over to the states and my phone starts to roam. My bill would kill me so I can't use it. The standalone unit has the maps loaded.

    I also found the stand alone version sounded better than my bold. It was louder and clearer.
    02-19-09 02:51 PM
  5. thehawkins's Avatar
    if Garmin moved to storing maps locally, I'd pay for service on the BB. However, I do a lot of international travel, so it's just not economically feasible to have data roaming charges when a standalone GPS works better.
    02-19-09 03:47 PM