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    Dear friends:

    Firstly, I did search the forums but did not find a resolution that I could understand.

    I am using a Blackberry Bold 9000. I am attempting to install the Gandhi Quotes app. Unfortunately, the only option is OTA (a terrible way to set things up) - and the OTA installation always returns the above error, along with the note "UNABLE TO IMPORT ZIP FILE"

    I cannot post a link to the app because I do not have enough posts, sadly, but you can find it simply by searching the app page.

    It is supposedly compatible with my phone, so I am not certain of the problem. I do not wish a refund; I'd like it to work! I found a link to a page that described causes of the Invalid COD error, but they seemed to essentially be programming errors out of my control. One solution suggested unzipping the COD file, but I cannot get any COD file, to my knowledge, only a .jad.

    Any ideas?

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