1. kwik's Avatar
    Overall, I'm liking this phone so far but there are a few things that bug me: my games won't fit on the screen. Drug Lord Wars and Mobile Qs won't fit on the screen. It makes them unplayable. Also, no ScoreMobile or Dictionary.com Apps available, WTF?.

    A couple of other hardware issues: My calender always defaults to the Day on initial opening. I've set the view to Month and it says "changes saved" but no. And if I send emails on my computer they show up in my messages even though I've checked "hide sent messages"

    I'm hoping these will be fixed when the software update comes out but in the meantime. UGH!

    I do like the phone though...

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    11-05-10 10:22 PM
  2. gregerator's Avatar
    I'll assume you moved to the 9670 from either a 9650 or an 8330. Either way, different screen res. All the companies will have to tweak their apps and games to work on the new screen res. That's one reason I'm considering not getting the phone. I'm on TMO and ready for the 9780 from the 8900. Same screen so all my apps.themes and games should work. But upgrading, keeping plan, etc. It's all gotta fall into place.
    11-06-10 01:37 AM