1. kidblue's Avatar
    I know this has been touched on before -

    This news from Apple's camp made me all jealous...

    And there is a rather lack-luster web-launcher that simply takes you to the full-featured site - The best part about that one is the icon...

    Anyone got a tip on either an actual IMDb app or at least a launcher that can take us to a mobile verison that's quick and well-laid out?


    12-11-09 11:50 AM
  2. midwestheat's Avatar
    Wow, this is really old..lol I'm lookin' for the same thing but haven't found anything. Wonderin' if anyone else has had better luck?
    07-17-11 02:29 PM
  3. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I can make a free weblauncher, what's the mobile url?m.imdb.com?

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    07-17-11 03:59 PM
  4. midwestheat's Avatar
    Yeah, IMDb

    I was lookin' for an actual app for my torch but there doesn't seem to be one. I was told that I could put the IMDB icon on my home screen and link that to the mobile site, I have no idea how to do that tho. I'm really surprised that there isn't a blackberry app for both IMDB and netflix. Maybe in the near future

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    07-17-11 05:00 PM