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    hey friends.. I need your help. got some questions that I need to submit for my assignment.. but am unable to find answers for the same.. would request you guys to kindly help us
    1: Can you download a blackberry super app?

    2: To register your device to the blackberry server from the handset you need to go:
    a) menu, option, advanced options, TCP (input), host routing table, register now
    b) menu, option, manage connections, mobile network options, menu button, diagnostics test, menu button, run
    c) both

    3: you can back up the following data using bb protect - contacts, calendars, tasks, memos, browser bookmarks, text messages,

    facebook feeds and messages

    4: you can add a contact to bbm by visiting contact and selecting move to bbm contatcts

    5: what do you need to do before you download app:
    a) create a bb id
    b) check time zone
    c) have a service provider email ID

    6: what is the difference between our email and all other manufacturers?
    a) push email not pull
    b)push and pull both
    c) pull in low network and Push in

    7: 3 trouble shooters that should we should recommend?
    a) follow set up wizard and tutorial, Desktop manager and bluetooth
    b) DTM, appworlds and upgrade OS
    c) appworld, blackberry id and follow set up wizard tutorial

    8: to do search using voice command we give to our voice comments as separated notifications

    9: message from an individual on OS 7 platform are displayed as separate conversations

    10. latest software available for 9900 devices
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