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    Maybe nobody notice, because there are so much new apps coming up in the app world now those days.

    I came across a app called "friends for bbm" the app is still in beta version, and version 1 kinda sucked.
    Nothing was possible, only register and update profile.

    Today there was an update for the app with a lot of new options, and its free.. no banners nothing.

    - Way faster interface
    - Searching for new people
    - Upload pictures
    - See people from your own country
    - Add friends
    - Send messages

    The login screen didn't change from version 1, I wish they did.
    But they going the right way, what do you think?

    Some screenshots i took:

    Home screen:


    Visit a profile

    My album

    Link: Free Friends for BBM - Download Friends for BBM - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World

    Edit: huh strange, when i check the appstore i see version, but on my phone i see an upgrade to version
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