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    Hey guys, I found this FREE Time Tracking App. It works well in every BB. Leave you with the link Free Celcob Activity Tracker - Download Celcob Activity Tracker - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World and the Press Realese:

    One of the biggest challenges companies and professionals deal with today is to know if they are being profitable or not. We live in an age where multi-tasking is practically a necessity. This makes time tracking of our activities more difficult. Furthermore we are in continual motion so the support in mobile tools is increasingly becoming indispensable for our work and daily routine.

    A good option to determine the profitability is to know the time devoted to clients, projects and activities in general. Celcob Activity Tracker is created for this reason.

    Celcob Activity Tracker is a tool for smartphones and tablets that allow professionals and companies measure and bill the time invested in activities to do on a daily basis.

    It is an application designed for mobile devices and designed for people who need to know in what they are spending their working time, in what they are investing phone plan, bringing record of daily expenditures made and many more things. These people may be consultants, lawyers, accountants, auditors, architects, designers, independent professionals or the common citizen.

    Celcob Activity Tracker provides a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to register their activities in a fast and easy way. Many of the activities are automatically registered as the calls, e-mails and text messages. All information is stored and protected in the cloud under rigorous security protocols, which allows the user to access it from anywhere and ensure the exclusivity and confidentiality.

    To achieve the goal that users have greater control of their time and increase their productivity, Celcob Activity Tracker provides detailed reports of all registered activities, allowing in a specific level to know the hours invested in projects and clients, time incurred in each of the actions undertaken, the generated expenses and more. These reports can be requested directly from the mobile device and can be viewed as a summary of the activities reported directly on the screen of the phone or as an Excel file that is sent to the email address of the user.

    Celcob Activity Tracker allows the user to save a lot of money and even generate a greater income. This is because it doesnít let escape any second invested in your work or daily routine. No more surprises in the carrier bills. No more worries of not knowing how many personal minutes I have to charge the company where I work with. No more under billing because you have nowhere to keep track of the time spent.

    This is an application created in Venezuela and unique in its kind in the Latin American region. It is available free for smartphones with BlackBerry platform and supports the Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. The application is in continuous development to thus incorporate improvements and new features. In a few months will be available for smartphones with operating systems Android and iOS.

    To download the application from BlackBerry App World BlackBerry you can enter to Free Celcob Activity Tracker - Download Celcob Activity Tracker - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World. We also invite you to follow us on Twitter @celcobtracker, where you can find our latest news and recommendations for the use of the application.
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