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    Hi guys - have asked this question in General section, too...

    Anyone know of a free Radio App for the UK...?? I know there's several for the US but i'd love to be able to listenm to stuff such as Absolute Radio and BBC Radio 5 Live...

    any help much appreciated....


    02-05-10 09:29 AM
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    02-05-10 09:43 AM
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    Cheers PDM - top man!


    p.s. love the avatar; i'm a Port Vale fan for my sins but have a big soft spot for the 'Pool; been to Anfield several times in the lasttwo seasons...
    02-05-10 10:24 AM
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    Sorry guys - having problem with this app; please see below - this is what i've just stuck on moodio forum; is nayone cam help with this i'd really appreciate it...

    Hi Guys,

    i've set up my moodio account and chosen my favourite stations; when I go to run the app on my BlackBerry 9700 I get a message that tells me i've got to switch to WAP for Streaming Media (which is an extra on my price plan). I'm on Vodafone UK and would like to use this service over standard GSM or 3G if I can - anyone know how to fix this...??

    Second problem: when I try and connect to any of the four stations that I've got saved the browser says 'loading' then I get an error message coming back saying 'Content Not Available. Server Is Blocked or Unresponsive' - when i click out of this message I get a second error message saying 'An Error Has Occured to Play Media'

    Anyone know how to fix this, too...??




    02-05-10 11:23 AM
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    Sorry to hear that Osh! You may get better luck asking in the Voda users in the other thread that I'd posted above.

    O/T : I have my fingers and everything crossed for Wed (yet another crunch game).
    02-08-10 10:39 AM
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    Hi Osh

    Not sure if this will help, but I was having the same error message about WAP in the Browser whilst trying to watch YouTube over EDGE network.

    Options -> General Options -> Switch to WAP for Streaming Media
    That sorted out my problem, see if it does yours!

    02-08-10 10:47 AM
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    I had moodio working last night using my home wifi but today I tried to listen to it in my car using my data plan and it didn't work but instead of oshs error message it says 'wireless network has been disconnected, please try later'

    Now it doesn't even work using home wifi connection, maybe this is because when I got the notice about changing to WAP I clicked 'do not notify me of this change in the future' which means I now don't know when it is doing this? How can I turn it back on?

    I'm also using a bold 9700!

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    02-08-10 11:57 AM
  8. iRace's Avatar
    Also sketchhead, I can't find that path in my options? Where else could it be?

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    02-08-10 11:58 AM
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    Osh am I ok using whatever as I have unlimited internet on vodafone?

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    02-08-10 12:02 PM
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    ok i made it work AT HOME WIFI again by doing this:

    1. Open the blackberry browser
    2. Options via the menu key
    3. General properties
    4. scroll all the way down & tick ON switching to wap for streaming media

    So whats the deal with it not working in a moving vehicle?
    02-08-10 01:38 PM
  11. iRace's Avatar
    I just tried connecting to streaming radio via my Home WiFi, then getting in the car and driving out of range of my WiFi to see if it would automatically switch to WAP and sort itself out but as soon as I get out of range (halfway down the road) it will stop working.

    Now I am getting the error message

    'Content is not available. Server is blocked or unresponsive.'

    What does this mean?
    02-08-10 01:55 PM
  12. iRace's Avatar
    ok so i've just found a similar thread on the vodafone forum

    Moodio On A Blackberry Bold - Vodafone eForum.

    basically they say to get it streaming while roaming you need to change the browser configuration settings to "hotspot browser"

    Options -> Advanced Options -> Browser -> Default Browser Config

    Some people still have problems with it though but im gonna try it out later...
    02-09-10 03:05 AM