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    Looks like sprint is hooking up their customers for their new years resolution this time. This app comes from Gym Technik Ltd and offers you a variety of exercises. Check out the details below:

    The Fall Super-charger workout pack keeps you at the gym so you donít start to fill out in places hidden by the return of jackets and sweaters. If you need to make sure Halloween candy and hot cocoa doesnít give you a gut, tricep or thigh situation, the Fall Super-charger workout pack is 12 weeks of motivation. With two 6-week phases, the Super-charger workout pack provides three pre-configured workouts for each phase, letting you track your cardio, too. In addition, the Super-charger workout pack includes these features:

    - Visual exercise guidance: Each exercise includes full motion streaming video with detailed step-by-step instructions.
    - Tracking: Reps, weight and time can be logged and prior stats can be viewed within a given exercise.
    - Resting timer. Stay focused between sets and exercises.
    - A 12 week certified personal trainer designed workout routine

    The Fall Super-charger workout pack takes care of the gym so you can look great.

    NOTE: App is not compatible with Nextel or iDEN BlackBerry subscribers.

    Available Here: Free Fall Workout Pack - Sprint Promo - Download Fall Workout Pack - Sprint Promo - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World

    01-02-12 07:55 PM