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    It has been mentioned on numerous occasions that anyone who intends to use a BBOS device after BlackBerry World shutdown (expected at the end of 2019) should create a backup of installation files for all third party applications and save those files on a computer or on SD card. An excellent web page describing the process can be found here:

    The Bold Explorer

    Recently, when doing some maintenance on my BB 9320 (OS 7.1), which involved wiping the OS with JL_Cmder followed by fresh OS installation and re-installation of all third party apps from SD card, I have come across an unexpected problem: two free applications originally installed from BlackBerry World failed to re-install from SD card due to some registration restrictions:

    Nitro Utilities v5.4 by Alvanno
    Rock File Manager Reloaded v1.0.1 by Rock Soft

    This would normally be expected from a paid app. However, the two apps in question were originally offered as "paid" but were later converted to "free", they could be downloaded as free in July of 2019, and were subsequently working without problems for about two months, so they were not free trials. It seems that this kind of behaviour can be expected from any app which was originally offered as paid and later converted to free status. It all depends how the conversion process was handled by the developer. Considering the number of apps that fall into this category the list above might grow much longer.

    In the end I just re-installed both apps from BlackBerry World (both BIS and WiFi connection worked ok, each tested on a different BB 9320 device).

    I didn't test how it works using BB Desktop Software. I avoid using this method of re-installing apps because third party apps are bundled together with native BB apps on the long list and I have seen some BBDS messages about Core Applications flagged for a downgrade, etc. The safest way to re-install third party applications is from SD card, one by one.

    For the record, here is the list of all third party applications re-installed on my device. They had all been originally installed as free apps in the summer of 2019 (it's my "new" phone).

    a) apps which had originally been installed from BlackBerry World and could later be re-installed from SD card without any problems:

    AppInfoRevealed v1.0.1 by S4BB Ltd.
    Capture Nux v5.2 by iBNuX
    Network Traffic Control v0.2.9 by S4BB Ltd.
    OBD2 Lite v4.0 by Tom Farrell
    TimeWatch v2011.11.9 by Tan Hock Woo
    Torque Units Calculator v1.5 by Norbar Torque Tools Ltd.
    TWN v3.0.7.41 by The Weather Network
    Unit Converter Pro Lite v2.0 by Petr Wagner
    World Clock v1.1.1 by Bulbera

    b) apps which had originally been installed from BlackBerry World and could only be re-installed from BlackBerry World (as already listed earlier in the post):

    Nitro Utilities v5.4 by Alvanno
    Rock File Manager Reloaded v1.0.1 by Rock Soft

    c) apps which had originally been installed from zip archives downloaded directly from the developer:

    FileScout v4.0.1.1 by emacberry.com
    GoogleMap-v3 by guntx
    Opera Mini v8.0.35659 by Opera Software ASA
    10-06-19 05:22 AM

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