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    I think you guys might enjoy this application. It works very well and probably help you save a lot of money:

    Free Price Checker and Alert for Amazon - Download Price Checker and Alert for Amazon - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World

    The one and only Amazon Price Checker and Alert application on the market. Put a product or website you wish to check for price on and Price Checker will automatically alert you when there is a price reduction.

    *** Supports Amazon United Kingdom, Canada, and United States

    *** Promotional period ***

    You can add as many items for as many web sites as you like. Upon noticing price reduction, the application will alert you by putting an icon in the home screen notification area and any application title bar.

    Price Checker and Alert is perfect for monitoring price for items you want to buy or to check if items you bought recently have been reduced for price matching.

    Set your own update interval and the application will check the price for you.

    Please put in a good review and send us an email for any other website you would like to be alert on. We can create a custom application for you.

    If you have any issues with any website, please let us know by email and we will fix or add a website as soon as possible.

    * Note: this application uses the internet to check for pricing at the pre-set interval. Your cell phone provider might charge for data usage. Please make sure you use only free wifi or have data plan if you use this application.

    * Hx-cellent will listen to your comments and update the application regularly.
    05-18-12 06:15 AM