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    Have you ever needed to hold a text message conference with differing phones?

    Have you ever sent a outgoing text message to a group of people and wished their responses would automatically be forwarded to the rest of the group?

    If so, you need Ditto.

    Hive Mind Technologies has released Ditto version 1.1.11. For those who'd like to try the software before buying a 7 day free trial is now available from the following link.

    7 Day Trial Link

    Crackberry Review

    Watch the video demos here
    YouTube - hivemindtech's Channel

    Ditto is available for direct purchase on our website and also via App World

    Hive Mind Technologies LLC
    BlackBerry App World - Ditto

    Ditto allows you to type less and text more by turning your Blackberry into a SMS chat room. Ditto works in the background as the server for a SMS chat room while you text using your favored SMS application. You tell Ditto which phone numbers are part of which conversations and then Ditto routes text messages sent by you and received from others to the entire group.

    When you need to send a message to the entire conversation group, just reply to any member and Ditto will make sure all other members get the same message. When a member of the group replies to you, Ditto will make sure all other members of the conversation get that message.


    As the server for the conversation you control how and if messages are sent to the group. Ditto allows you to hide the identity of members and to control the ability of members to speak and listen to other members of the conversation.


    * Coordinating a movie night
    * Allowing other to communicate anonymously via your Ditto service
    * Tweet a Ditto conversation by setting Twitter™ as a listen only participant
    * Query Google™ via text message and distribute the results automatically to all conversation members


    Conversation members only have to reply to you, no need to distribute all the member phones numbers to the group.

    Host multiple Ditto conversations simultaneously

    Conversation monitor allows you to see who is talking to who.

    Pause and Resume chat services

    Conversation specific message limits keep you from going over your allotted text messages

    Communication ability controls allow you to moderate the conversation.
    * Set a members ability to speak and listen to the group
    * Set members to anonymous to hide their identity
    * Set members to not be identified to allow transparent proxying

    Quick configuration from menu items in the address book and the message application
    05-11-10 07:59 PM
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    I tried it on my 9700, didn't work :c
    05-11-10 11:12 PM
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    [QUOTE=jpgnfx;5106361]I tried it on my 9700, didn't work :c[/QUOTE

    Can you provide more detail? Did you download the trial from the link above? Previous versions don't allow a trial period.
    05-12-10 06:56 PM