1. Devil's Avatar

    Upon installing the latest FourSquare (1.9.9) on my 9550 running .607, my stable 3G/GPRS connection drops and reconnects.

    Yes, it has something to do with FourSquare only because I noticed it when installed, and watched the problem disappear after deleting FS. It didn't happen with the previous version, but I couldn't use the previous version because the GPS/Cell Tower location was a little broken in it so that it wasn't easy for me to get a lock unless I was under the sky.

    Now, hoping this new version fixes my lock issue, I installed it only to find out it's hard to even login because the connection drops the minute I launch the application.

    What's going on? And how do I fix it? It's hard to even contact FourSquare.
    11-12-10 10:10 PM