1. krazykay0202's Avatar
    Ok, so I just got a BB 8830 WE that was fully flashed to cricket and I am trying to get an email host. I was able to bet a gmail link to my home screen but it wont fully download (says somthing about a messed up connection). I just want an email that will update me on my handheld. What should I do???
    07-03-09 09:03 PM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    Does cricket offer any blackberry plans such as BIS? If not, you will need to read up on the threads about having a blackberry with no data plan to see what your options are. For the most part, blackberries work by goign through central servers (BIS or BES) for data. Some programs do not need to go through them but a lot do include the google apps and email.
    07-03-09 09:23 PM